Mystical Bewilderment

Companion to the Wordpress of the same name.

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By Satsekhem.

  1. It Is Well to Lie Fallow For a While - first mention and discussion of Fallow Times.
  2. Fallow Isn’t Just About Fields and Dreams - more in depth discussion on what/why/how of Fallow Times.
  3. Offerings 101 - discussion on the when/why/where/how/what of offerings.
  4. Offerings 201 - some more basic questions about what to do with offerings.
  5. Offerings 301 - discussion of some of the questions from first two entries I may have missed.
  6. Rolling Out the Red Carpet - regarding when/why/how a pagan will “be called” by the OTHERS™.
  7. Recon Versus UPG - my first ‘guide’ remarking on basic research principles when starting on this pagan path.
  8. Kemetism 101- in which I tell you where to get started.
  9. Festivals and Feasts 101 - in which I tell you how to celebrate some festivals.
  10. Akhu Veneration 101 - in which I tell you how to get started with veneratin’ your akhu.
  11. Shrine 101 - in which I discuss shrine building. (Not to be confused with altar building.)
  12. How To Shadow Work: A Guide - in which I discuss some basics on how to start shadow working.
  13. Saying No: A Guide - in which I discuss some basics on how to tell a god to go away.

By Devo.

  1. Kemetic Starter Guide - discussion based on the “OMG WHERE DO I START” question beginning Kemetics can have.
  2. Kemetic Offering Guide - a post based on the “OMG WHAT DO I OFFER THE NETJERU” question beginning Kemetics can have.
  3. The Great Netjer Soda Guide - a facetious discussion on the netjer wanting soda and sweets for offerings.
  4. The Entire Devo Magix Series - based on various questions of how she does cleansings, amulets, sigils, etc. with diagrams and pictures!
  5. Flirting with Destruction - a guide to working with Sutekh/Set.
  6. Discernment - a guide to figuring out when to take those geese floating across the sky as a sign from the gods or it just being that time of year.
  7. Working with the Fae - a guide on how to get to know any and all fae in your area.
  8. Wep Ronpet: A Guide - a guide to what Wep-Ronpet is and how to celebrate.
  9. Boat Paddling 101: The Basics - a guide about the boat paddling craze that’s overtaken some Kemetics.

By The Rose Bell.

  1. Guides and Lessons - a comprehensive list of all of the guides she’s put out.

By Dusken.

  1. Looking for 101s? - a full listing of her 101 guides to date.
  2. Spirits 101 - the full listing of all spirit and astral shenanigan 101s.

By Kallista.

  1. On Offerings - a lovely commentary on what to do when you’re getting to know netjer and want to give offerings.
  2. Lamp Divinations & Scrying - a post regarding the ancient Egyptian techniques of lamp divination.

By Del.

  1. Hearing the Gods - a topic about UPG experiences regarding hearing the gods.

By Dver.

  1. Discernment.
  2. Discernment for Godspouses.

By A.E. Goddard.

  1. Budget Thursday - a list of offerings when you’re budget is as tight as can be!

By Erin Nightwalker.

  1. I Will Chop Off Your Tentacles - an article discussing how to create wards with camouflage.

By Dodger.

  1. A Dodgy Guide to Bibliomancy - for anyone interested in learning how to divine via books.
  2. A Dodgy Guide To Interpreting Bibliomancy Readings - for anyone who has no clue how to interpret these readings.