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The Twisted Rope: 30 Days Devotion: Day 5



Mind if I ask where you heard that Thoth is her husband?? Or that Set, Aset and Osiris are her siblings? :<

Hathor was thought to be the daughter of Nut, the daughter-wife of RaSometimes she was considered to be the mother-wife of Horus, the wife…

Good information you gave. Thank you.
Personally since i don’t work with the complete Egyptian pantheon, i don’t put lots of stock into her relations…however, if i really wanted to know, i’d just ask her myself.

But thank you for correcting the information i found.

If you don’t put much stock in the relations, why didn’t you just say that in the first place?

What’s a weeaboo?

I reblogged that thing with the hornet, but I don’t know that terminology…