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A day in the life.

- Go to work an hour late the day before you receive vacation and paid sick time to replace a tire that’s literally shredding.

- See boyfriend walking down street as you go to replace tire.

- Get a call from boyfriend about how his breaks locked up and were billowing black smoke. Also learn power was shorting out in his car. Offer to let him use car all day.

- Have boyfriend drop me off in car with new tire, which is driving funny since I couldn’t afford replacing both tires.

- Start to cry at work because inbox is filled with 30 unread emails and already have client on the phone.

- Start to cry at work because I have to admit to my boss that I am overloaded with work projects for one client and cannot help second client effectively.

- Argue with two vendors about projects, play therapist to IT specialist, bitch out idiot new person, cry, listen to idiots talk about new acquisitions that we needed to know about two months ago, bitch, cry.

- Get call from boyfriend that his car is totalled. $700 to fix breaks; thousands to replace ENTIRE FRONT END OF VEHICLE. He has owned the car for three months.

- Have to call landlord about rat in basement. Also need to inform him I cannot pay rent until 3rd.

- Have to replace O2 sensor and catalytic converter in my car to make it safe enough in now one-vehicle household.

This is just Monday.


There’s a booty blog that’s taken over the “aset” tag because they can’t spell properly!